Young rich Ghanaian Musician, Ova Wise, drops new jam, flaunts wealth


You may never heard the name Ova Wise in the field of music but beyond in the world of fashion where he’s known as “The Gucci master” due to his love for the Gucci brand especially.  You will definitely hear about it in the upcoming days because his adventure in the music industry has just began and once it gets to its peak, it will forever stay.

He is a Ghanaian successful businessman

who owns a record label titled “Get More Productions Ltd.” has now taken a life twist by releasing his first single. Ova Wise, is famous for his lavish lifestyle which he couldn’t resist to show it in his single ‘Me and You’. The song is absolutely thrilling and touches down the beautiful topic of life. It has been produced by the well-known music

maker, KillBeatz under Ova’s own record label.

Ova Wise age-old passion and love for music has been the inspiration behind “Me & you” based on life experiences. He is an astute and successful businessman who lives by his ‘Over Wise mindset.’ The blend of fashion and music makes him outstanding and dominant among the upcoming musicians.

According to Ova Wise, “’Me & You’ is

his first single but certainly not the last.

There will be many more great tunes to follow. Music inspired by life experiences.” The young man, known as Brod Dollar A.K.A Ova Wise, is arguably one of the richest young men in Ghana currently. He owns a lot of expensive cars, mansions, travels all over the world and rolls with very rich guys. He is called the Gucci Master by most of his friends; he also organized the massive Gucci Gang Party in Accra early this year.

In a meeting with some bloggers, Ova wise indicated that he was entering the music industry not to make  a lucrative deal out of it but to create a better brand in the industry, widen the scope of Ghanaian to put it across the globe. He looks forward to scouting new talents and signing them under his record label.

(Story: Roberta Gabby)

Source: Beenie Words

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