PHOTOS: Unstoppable Animal Music Production (UAMP) Entertainment launch, new office located at Kasoa in Ghana


The Unstoppable Animal Music Production (UAMP) Entertainment, located at Kasoa in Ghana, started as a music production house and with the exposure it got more into Event Management, Cooperate jingles, music and video production among others.

“The name Animal in UAMP is as a result of animals possessing unique sounds which aids as a way of growing the company” says Madam Opoku Sandra, the manager of UAMP.


On the 10th of March 2018, at the Global Cinema, Weija, UAMP was launched with the likes of Eno Barony one of Ghana’s female rappers and a nominee for VGMAs 2018 for best rapper category as a special guest and mind blowing performances from upcoming artists under the management of UAMP Entertainment ; Drupz, Macho rapper, just to mention a few.


As part of their undertakings in a few years of establishment, UAMP team hosts programs on its online channels which includes ; the Areacho based on food preparation tutorials hosted by Eli Fiawoo and Edna Naa Bortier. Also the THE EPISODE an entertainment show hosted by Nana Akua Sarfo and Lastly, UAMP FOUNDATION a show which aims at supporting the needy and teachings on Reproductive Health . Donations were made during last year in Kasoa.


UAMP Entertainment is headed by the CEO, Mr Asmah Frederick and his wife Manager, Ms Opoku Sandra. UAMP was built on the slogan ; “One family under one God”. As it stands UAMP has more stocked surprises to blow off its entertainers per the crowd pulled at the launching.

(Written By: Roberta Gabby)


Source: Beenie Words

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