‘I Have Never Wanted To Be Married… It’s not for me’ – Funmi Iyanda


Funmi Iyanda, talk show host and broadcaster, says the marriage institution is not for her.

The host of the defunct New Dawn, on Wednesday, took to Twitter to state that she’s not the “marrying type”.

Sharing her experience with a psychic, she tweeted: “I had my palm and tarot card reading done yesterday, 1st time. Psychic says l am not the marrying type. I want my money back.”

Her tweet elicited comments of support from well-wishers, who prayed that she would get married.

In response, Iyanda further tweeted: “Oh for goodness’ sake. Stop texting me prayers. This means he told me what l always knew. Jeez! So many fried brains.

She added: “I have never wanted to be married. I like it for others who like it for themselves but as for me ms Funmi Iyanda, no, thank you.”

When asked why she’s against marriage, she said, “because marriage is often wielded as a power tool and a repudiation of it seem like a challenge to misguided power notions”.

Some male twitter users who couldn’t digest the personal decision began to question and criticize her. See their reactions and her very funny response below

Her response:



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