How To Make Your Jewelry Last Longer


Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but if that jewelry is not well looked after then pretty soon it’ll be left at the bottom of the jewelry box, unable to be worn. Whether it’s costume jewelry or not, they all require the same amount of care and maintenance to preserve their life span.

In order to keep your jewelry wearable and in great condition here are a couple of rules to keep in mind every time you wear any.

1. Put your jewelry on last

This may seem like basic information but it’s something that a lot of us tend to forget when we’re dressing up. Your jewelry should be put on only after you’ve used your perfume and body spray as these can damage your jewelry irreversibly.

2. Take your jewelry off before you sleep

Jewelry should be given as much attention as you give to your face at the end of a long day. Make it a routine to take off your jewelry as you finish cleaning off your makeup for the day. It’s easy for your jewelry to break while you sleep.

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3. Avoid wearing jewelry when you’ll likely sweat more

The perfect example is your gym days or the early morning runs you go for to burn off the calories.It’s easy to neglect your jewelry and think that it isn’t harmful wearing it to go for a jog but sweating profusely has the tendency to damage your jewelry.

4. Take your jewelry off when you go swimming

While summer may be just around the the corner, this may be the perfect time to remind us all that swimming with jewelry is not only a safety hazard but also can ruin your jewelry. As a result of the chemicals used to purify the swimming pool water, it’s easy for your jewelry to react harshly to it hereby ruining it.

5. Keep your jewelry away from water

Even if it is made of gold or it’s just costume jewelry, it’s a safer bet to avoid immersing it in water. Water may weaken the materials used to make the jewelry or it may cause the jewelry to fade gradually.

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